Translated form Hungarian by Paul Lukas

2009.05.26. (Day 976)

Theoretically all Egyptian coral reefs are part of the National Park. According to the 1983/102 law in the Egyptian section of  the Red Sea it is FORBIDDEN to throw anchor (set the anchor on living coral), hunting with harpoon guns, collecting coral/shells, fishing with net or line, feeding the fish, walking on the coral, defacing/breaking the coral, littering.

HEPCA - Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association, and

USAID - US Government Aid Agency.

EEAA - Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency.

These organizations deployed 570 buoys between Ras Baniyas and the Sinai Isthmus. Consequently, one can tie to the buoys in most places instead of dropping anchor. There are very massives also that can support more than one ship.

Morning: 1002 mbar, 32degrees, 25knots wind - hopefully it will weaken. Started to check out the ship. The jib elevator was nearly worn out at the elevator point: rope shortening.

The diver’s base gets its weather from - according this windy at daytime and weakening at evening.

Mhran delivered the food what he bought for me in El-Quesir. Had tea on CARINA, then went to the marina office. Offered us very good Turkish coffee. Ahmed has shown me a good snorkeling place, went there later. Swimming with a tortoise, etc. Starting out tomorrow.

Talked with George who is captain on a motorized game fishing ship. It is ’only’ a small yacht, but it cost 4 million euros. The whole marina belongs to him, the Marina Village and he is the investor of the built-up village also. Of course, he has a big motorized super yacht too.

Later on Barat, the crew of the neighboring diving boat invited me and spent the evening with them. Dinner, tea, film watching, etc. Thank you.

2009.05.27. (Day 977)

Helba: local hot drink what they drink with sugar and milk.

1001 mbar, 32degrees, 25knots wind - have to wait.

The gas bottle became empty, had to change it. The previous exchange happened on Sri Lanka in early February.  Again tea and dinner on the neighbor diving boat. Got a few pleasant Arab music. Late night caught the end of the soccer game: Barcelona won....

2009.05.28. (Day 978)

Simsimiyya - traditonal Egyptian guitar.


1002mbar, 32degrees, Bf.0-1NW wind at dawn, in the morning, strengthening later.


Asked for a 05:30 weak-up in the marina, but unfortunately woke up myself at 05:50 right after sunrise. Went to the fuel dock at 6 and bought 80liters of gasoline (was a little expensive - USD64) and 2l oil.

Paid the marina (USD42 for 8 days, USD2 for water and electricity). The office boss invited me for a coffee and related that since there are not many guests, quiet and calmness prevails, who can afford it, comes here for work.... After this: Starting out.

08:00LT - 8.101MHz Red Sea Net - hear nobody.

09:00LT: arriving in Ras Toronbi. Good anchoring place - 7m sand. The N wind intensifies. Fishing vessels near me. The HEPCA/USAID buoys are here too. The soldiers of the shore military base come sometimes to check out the yachts.

1230UTC - 14,292MHz POS(25-39,36N, 34-34,83E), HA5HS (5,9), YO2AAG(5,7), OM5MO(5,9). In the next days NW wind - sometimes strong.

Lunch: noodles.

PM: resting, snorkeling, ship bottom cleaning.

16LT: continuing sailing. NE Bf.1-2 wind, sailing.

18LT: the wind completely stopped, sails down, motoring - with 2 knots only.

Dinner: scrambled eggs.

Comfortable sailing at night, not much ship traffic here.

2009.05.29. (979. nap)


Morning: NW Bf.1-2 wind.

El Quseir: POS(26-06,02N, 34-17,24E), anchor drop in 8m sand.

Small town, 3 big diving boats are tied to the shore, the yachts are just anchoring here because have not enough room.

Myos Hormos harbor stood here, built by Ptolemy II. Most of the pilgrims traveled this way toward Mecca in the 10th century. Was the trade center in the middle ages (between the Nile-valley and the Red Sea), but the Suez-canal reduced its role..

Breakfast: canned food, Egyptian bread and vegetables.

8.101 MHz - Red Sea Net, Cool Change, Brianna, Silver Heel II.

The soldiers come twice a day with a dinghy to check on the ship. Pull up next to a diving boat later. Soldiers came, asked for the papers - can not go ashore. Want some bribe maybe?  Should start out in the afternoon but can not come back without my papers, and without papers I feel uncomfortable.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz, NW winds, sometimes strong.

The owner of the diving boat said that I can stay next to him, the captain offered me tea. Spent the day with two of the crew members - Arafa and Ahmed, sipping tea and conversing.

The soldier came back at 8 in the evening, told him to give back my papers since I would leave tomorrow early morning. Today is Friday and he did not accomplished anything…

2009.05.30. (Day 980)

Used to read and watch this news channel:

Starting early in the morning.

8UTC - 14.292MHz POS(26-26N, 34-15E), HA5CAR, HA5HS.

Breakfast: Egyptian bread, canned tuna, tomatoes and cucumber - (same as the lunch -:)

1230UTC - 14.292MHz POS(26-36N, 34-02E) HA5CAR, HA5HS.

The next days: strengthening NW winds.

Afternoon: Bf.3-4 NW wind intensifying to Bf.5-6.

Motoring with sail the whole day.

Reached Safaga in the evening. A small Navy ship came up next to me and pulled me to the base (on order). This is a forbidden territory. Was not shown on my map and other yachts are passing by here usually, however, they stopped me. Went near the shore and cooked dinner (Egyptian bread, meat patty, onions, tomatoes, piquant sauce). Then reading and listening to the BBC. Went to bed early, it was a long day, was tired.

At 2300: an officer came - checking, looking for drug and weapons. This is a joke!! Did not bring a flashlight, (borrowed mine!), checked my photo camera too. After 15 minutes I sent him ’far away’ - this produced results and they left. Should have started with this maybe :-)

2009.05.31. (Day 981)

Bankruptcy and boating:

One of my American acquaintances, Bobby, had to sell his house to be able to continue to sail for 7 more years;

A South African old couple had to sell their boat to support their existence.

1001mbar, 33degrees, Bf.6, NW.

07:30LT - start. 3nm motoring until the anchor point.

POS(26-47.5N, 33-56.3E).

06UTC 14.292MHZ à 14.290MHz HA5CAR(5,9).

Breakfast: leftovers from last night.

Safaga: lots of reefs near the entrance, have to be on increased watch! Philotera harbor stood here in the 3rd century, built also by Ptolemy II. Surfing place.

Before noon:

Sail pouch mending;

Motor cleaning, checking, new spark plugs;

Red Sea Pilot reading;

Sleeping bag drying: was a wet run yesterday, slept in a wet sleeping bag;

Auto-pilot checking - has stopped yesterday, had to be thoroughly cleaned. The knobs of the control panel are falling off, this is not a good sign! Hope it will hold out!!


Swam out to shore and purchased 80l gasoline at the city gas station for USD25. Very fancy ’holiday lunch’ for USD2.

Walking on the hotel’s strands. The Orca loaned me a wooden dinghy and a broken oar. Carried the full containers of the gasoline with a motorized dinghy. 30-35 knot wind! - plus sandstorm and bad visibility. Had a talk with some German and local diving boat captains. The Egyptians do not understand: Is it not too lonesome alone? They are always in a company, the conversation is very important for them.

Evening: BBC, reading.

2009.06.01. (Day 982)

In my opinion, the friendship with an Egyptian begins when he is not cheating you. Most of the white folk does not notice when they are cheated.  At least I see it/know it.

998mbar, 35degrees, Bf.6-7 NW, waiting on anchor for weakening.

Breakfast: multivitamin, Egyptian bread (already started to get moldy), tuna fish, onions, cucumber.

9LT - 8.101MHz Red Sea Net.

Before noon:

Video / photography;

Tape for the autopilot;

Reading about Suez;

Repair of the broken oar;

Cleaning: 2 eggs broke.

4nm North from here is Ras Abu Soma with hotels and a marina with 75 places. Too expensive for me.

Afternoon: bus to the city - lunch, short internet, then dinner.

2009.06.02. (Day 983)

Al-Ahram: English language Egyptian weekly newspaper. Read it before, not bad.

980mbar, Bf.5-6NW, still in Safaga.

09LT - 8.101MHz Red Sea Net - heard nobody.

Breakfast: multivitamin, rose hip jam.

Walked in town, had a very good lunch for USD0.5!

Used the local public strands. No tourists here, especially youth. Girls sitting in the sea in groups clothed up to neck, and of course smiling at me, and vice-versa.

Some are listening to Egyptian music, others are dancing to it. Here the dancing is boys with boys, girls with girls.


1230UTC - missed the radio time, also the bus did not come;

BBC and reading.

Dinner on CARINA: grouts dumpling, canned beef, Egyptian bread, onions and chili.

2009.06.03. (Day 984)

990mbar, 28-32degrees, Bf.2-3.

Morning start. Route: Ras Abu Soma - Ras Umm Hesiwa - Sharm el Arab - Marsa Abu Makhadiq.

Arriving at 13LT, anchoring opposite to a hotel. POS(27-02,56N, 33-53,88E). A security guard was positioned at the nearby pier to watch me - he got his order...

Lunch: spaghetti.

1230UTC - 14,292 HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG.

Wind information: windy tomorrow, weakening in the coming days.

Information obtained through radio:

1. My friend Jóska would send a main sail from north of Hungary (somewhat smaller, but almost new) - if  I can wait for it.

My reply: OK - I wait. The old sail is full of patches, can not say how long can it last. He would send the sail with his village-mate Imre who is working here as a diver. Good work!

2. A French newspaperman would visit me in Egypt. Suez in July was the original meeting time, but am not sure I can keep this date due waiting here for the sail.

Previously my answer was Suez because originally did not want to stop at Hurghada.

Reply infos:

The buttons of the autopilot are sticking resulting in overshoots, then a sudden disconnect. In these cases I have to dig out the buttons with a screwdriver, reconnecting and readjusting.


Snorkeling, Anchor checking and swimming. This is a nice place too. For this reason there are 6-8 big diving boats here at all times. Understandably, because Hurghada is close by.

A small catamaran from a hotel sailed by. Friendly Italians. Low winds, could talk with them a little.

Tourists are walking on the pier in the evening not far from CARINA, and looking at the only yacht in the bay. The sight of a yacht is more pleasant than a motorized monstrosity...

Dinner: roasted hot dogs, roasted potatoes.

Evening: reading, listening to BBC.

I am at the entrance of the Suez Bay - it will be hard. Lot of ship traffic, stronger currents - 1-2 knots.

Constant strong NW wind - exact headwind. Corals, oil drilling rigs. Constant attention is required here, can not sleep, only if I am on anchor somewhere.

Europe is here - what I was waiting for - Europe, here I am already! 170 miles and am home again! Left the Mediterranean in 2006...

2009.06.04. (Day 985)

Breakfast: multivitamin, jam on Egyptian bread (which started molding).

9LT - 14.292MHz: HA5CAR, obtained Imre’s telephone number, he is the one who brings the sail to Hurghada.

Arranging, lacquering, washing.

My CD/DVD pouch got completely wet, have to let the CDs/DVDs dry out under the sun.

Lunch: spaghetti with tomatoes and cheese.


Listened to the speech of the American president on the BBC that he delivers in an university in Cairo.

Another yacht is sailing in the distance. After months, met a yacht in the open sea at Sudan. Civilization!

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, HA7JZ (5,9), HA3UX(5,7).

Infos: ebb-tide currents, ebb-tide times, meeting place in Hurghada - in front of the Hilton, 27-15.374N, 033-49.892E.

Roasted bread with vegetables for dinner.

Evening: reading.

2009.06.05. (Day 986)

In Sudan, if caught in possession of marihuana (Bango cigarettes) by the police, you get 20 years in prison.

1003mbar, 35degrees, NW Bf.4-5.

Breakfast: multivitamin, magnesium fizz tablet, tea with cinnamon, pie baking.

Before noon:

0545UTC - 14,292MHz HA5CAR, HA3MQ(5,9) Feri. Feri will speak with Péter, VK2VZ in Australia - for me it is too far to reach him on radio.

0600UTC - 8.101MHz - heard no familiar yachts on the Red Sea Net.

Rearranging the clothing, washing.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, HA1CP Nagykanizsa (Hungary), Laci(5,8), YO2AAG

HS0ZIN (Thai amateur), YO9APK, Marcell (5,9).

The motor boat of the hotel opposite to me on the shore came and parked next to me, invited him for a talk. His name was Eslam, asked if he can be of any help, then gave me his sunglasses as a gift.

Dinner: rice, canned fish, onions.

Evening: reading / BBC.

2009.06.06. (Day 987)

My Egyptian name is Haron. Haron Rashid was an Egyptian historical person, a hero figure, everybody associates me with him hearing my name.

1002mbar, 30-37degrees, NW Bf.2.

The plan: starting out today toward Hurghada, the distance is 12nm and perhaps can meet with Imre who is delivering the sail. Just a short stop.

Breakfast: multivitamin and the leftover dinner from yesterday.

06LT: start.

Motoring, then sailing, then motoring again.

0545UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG.

Before Hurghada, met with the wooden charter sailboat Elegante again, they also arrived today. Met them in Sudan before. One member of the crew is white (Marco, an Italian), was always very friendly when we met. Can we have some fun together on shore?

09:20LT: anchoring near the Hurghada marina. POS(27-23.35N, 033-50.58E).

The marina would be USD16.50 per diem, as got it through VHF radio. It is not important.

1230UTC -14.292MHz: very bad propagation, can hardly hear the Hungarian circle.


On the opposite strand from me is the Aqua Center where I asked a co-worker to fill up one of my cans with gasoline. Nice person, did not want to cheat me - gave him the can and the money.

Swimming along the neighboring diving ship, Ami invited me in. Drank some refreshments and showed me his ship. ’Neighboring’ :-).

A lot of European girls are in Hurghada, and even more Russians are working here (the oldest profession is USD20), they are using this strand in daytime - it is open and is the cheapest.

Walked a little on the beach and smiled at the blond girls, talked with a few Arabs. Am tired. Will leave out the evening party, despite having a lot of acquaintances to go with. Will read instead - John Updike: Rabbit at Rest.

The music is on til 5 AM on the beach at a distance of 150m - not too pleasant, but can still sleep.

2009.06.07. (988. nap)

Hurghada consists of 2 villages:

Dahar is the inner town with market, bank and post office;

Sekala is the new town - harbor and vicinity, was nothing here 40 years earlier.

In antiquity Hurghada’s name was Myos, built on the site of Hormos during Ptolemy II.

1000mbar, 32degrees, NW Bf.4-5. Was a little southern wind earlier, but it reversed at dawn.

In the morning motored over to Hilton and met Imre. He brought the sail from Jóska and extended the deal with a bottle of Beherovka - what saved me later :-)

In the package beside the sail were numerous books and Hungarian style spices. Gotten very happy for this and immediately made some goulash. Thank you Jóska, thank you Imi. Imi is working for the Dive Center Light House - ( - got a poloshirt present from his fellow-worker :-) After this sailed back to my original anchoring spot and retrieved the gasoline from the worker of the Aqua Center. He was very nice, photographed with his phone and loaned me a water bike, so did not have to swim with the gasoline can :-)

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, YU7CQ, YU7GL.

Swam over to Ami to the neighboring ship (Sea Dream), drank tea today too.

In the evening went to see the night life of Hurghada with the Mohameds. We got acquainted on the beach, actually before that he swam out to admire CARINA. Dinner: local cheap beans, then watched the Algiers-Egypt soccer game (3:1). Later went to the strand party, Marco was there too, of course. The place was full of Eastern European girls, likewise the town. The Egyptian boys did not used to flirt with the local girls, consequently are not very skilful, but that does not bother the girls. The friend of Mohamed is also Mohamed, also from Alexandria who is a defense attorney and usually defends murderers and thieves. With a good lawyer, a 20 year sentence may be reduced to 5-6 years.

2009.06.08. (Day 989)

Marco told me yesterday that in January 2008 he was a crew member on a 40 foot yacht in the Crete-Sicily run. The ship got into a storm. Lost control over the ship, declared MAYDAY emergency and a helicopter saved them. Described the helicopter rescue procedure at sea - what is difficult and how is it done.

Slept in a big cabin on Marco’s ship and missed the morning radio schedule. Am tired, start out tomorrow.

Before non: reading, resting, sleeping.

Lunch: noodles.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz  HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, HA8BR (5,9), Misi, Nagyszénás (Hungary), HA9SP (5,9), YO6BDT/P (Pista, Csíkszereda, Romania), OE6RLF, Lajos, near Vienna, Austria.

Wind is weakening.


Strand. Local small children came with a canoe to see CARINA, were very skilful!

Dinner: keropok sotony, cuttlefish crackers baked in oil.

Evening: reading, BBC.            

2009.06.09. (Day 990)

1004mbar, 28-32degrees, NW Bf.2-3 in the morning, later Bf.4-5, afternoon returns to Bf.2.

Map: 757BA

Start at 06LT at dawn. Motoring, later sailing.

Breakfast: multivitamin, magnesium fizz pill, leftovers from yesterday’s dinner.

Route: Shab Abu Fanadir - Ashab Abu Nigara - El-Gouna (Abydos Marina, Abu Tig Marina is nearby, but did not stop there).

A few months and maybe my 3-year adventure comes to the end - it will be strange.

Lunch: crackers, canned beef, onions, cucumber.

(Alternative route: Shab Tawila - Tawila Is. - Tawila Channel),

S. Qesium Is., N. Qesium Is., Ashrafi Is., Zeit Channel.

These are full with good diving places - I know, was around here years ago.

Finished reading Agatha Christie: Mystery on the Antilles.


1230UTC - 14.292MHz POS(27-42N, 33-44E), HA5US(5,9), YO2AAG (5,9), HA8BR(5,9), HA3IW, Lajos, GOUEN (5,8), Karcsi, GO0UY, Gyuri.

Lunch: tea, crackers.

Dolphins are swimming near me, some babies among them too.

1940 - Marsa Zeitiya POS(27-49.88N, 33-34.95E).

Esperanza, the Austrian yacht is standing here. The lovely pair arrived here a few hours before me. They are going toward Suez to, Hurghada was their previous harbor - and they have heard of me already.

Fuel check, spark plug cleaning and replacement.

Spaghetti for dinner.

2009.06.10. (Day 991)

1004mbar, 35degrees, NW Bf.5-6-5.

Breakfast: multivitamin, yesterday’s dinner leftovers.

06LT start, turned back after an hour of trying. The reasons:

1. The autopilot quit (probably the command panel got water), so both autopilots are bad;

2. The waves are too big. No matter how I try, the motor is out of the water too much, the waves are chaotic here;

3. My main sail got torn;

4. Wind is constantly strengthening - over 25 knots, no idea as to how much will it strengthen still. Esperanza turned back also.

Late lunch: boiled potatoes, canned fish, dried fish, cucumber, onions.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5HS, HA5CAR, YO2AAG, HA0BAS, István, (5,8), HA3UX, Pista (5,8), HA5MO(5,9), Budapest., Lajos,

Wind data: the wind will weaken in 3 days - a  weather window.

Dinner: crackers.

Evening reading: Grendel Lajos: Éleslövészet - (Live Ammo Shooting, a good book!).

Battery = 12.9V.

2009.06.11. (Day 992)

In this region the VHF channel 16 is the Navigational Warning, can listen to it in 2-3 hours intervals. Have to avoid 4-5 places in this area.

999mbar, 35degrees, NW Bf.6-7.

Helmut and wife started out last night with the Esperanza, but returned at dawn today. From 03LT the wind intensified too much.

09LT - 8.101MHz - Silver Heel II, Brianna, Cool Change (a month later came the news that collided with a container ship on the Mediterranean, sank, and was rescued by a helicopter!), and other yachts.

Breakfast: multivitamin, magnesium fizz pill, noodles with dried mushrooms.

Before noon:

Checking the second autopilot - repaired it on Bali and did not use it since, but does not work. Don’t understand why.

Have 3 Simrad TP-10 type autopilots on the ship, but presently none of them work. Not a very good advertising for the factory.                

Reading: Pór József: Kis merész - (Little Bold).

Repacking, cleaning.


1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5HS, H5CAR, YO2AAG, HA6NM(5,9), Laci, HA4XC (5,9), Sanyi, Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

Infos: the cousin of the HAMZA family is on the Abu Ali ship somewhere around here, maybe will visit me.

5.290MHz Port Said Radio - could call them and possibly can get weather advices. Weather for the next days: NW, windy.

Strong wind the whole day. Swam over to the Esperanza, talked over the weather, the ships, the oceans and the Earth circumnavigation.

Dinner: rice, dried fish, vegetables.

2009.06.12. (Day 993)

998mbar, 33degrees, NW Bf.6.

Breakfast: multivitamin, magnesium fizz tablet, dinner leftovers from yesterday, coffee (gift from Ruben, not using it much).

Before noon:

Packing (clothes - less-and-less, and more-and-more dirty).

Reading: Poór József: Ga és Ge meg a leleményes számítógép - (Ga and Ge and the Ingenious Computer).

Lunch: soup cubes.

Pie baking for evening.

1230UTC - 14.292 à 86MHz , HA5CAR, HA5HS.

Wind info: maybe weakens tomorrow.

BBC, then went to sleep early.

2009.06.13. (Day 994)

1000mbar, 32degrees, Bf.5-6 NW.

Breakfast: multivitamin, magnesium fizz tablet, dinner leftovers from yesterday.

My VHF radio did not work yesterday. Cleaned the coaxial connector and cable - this usually helps.

09LT - 8.101MHz - Silver Heel II, Brianna and many more yachts.

My back is hurting, will work less today. Graham took one of the bad autopilots, then brought it back in an hour - the motor transmission had to be cleaned. Thank you!

Main sail repair.

VHF radio: measured the 12V, is OK, fuse OK, coax OK - possibly the microphone is bad.


1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5HS, windy days to follow.


Tea at Graham’s, book exchange. Checked the radio microphone - is OK.

Dinner later on CARINA: noodles with mushrooms.

BBC and reading.

Later rearranged the bed, so I can sleep more comfortably.

2009.06.14. (Day 995)

998mbar, 37degrees, Bf.6-7NW.

Breakfast: multivitamin, müzli with cinnamon, magnesium tablet.

Before noon:

Repacking the fishing gear, water supply checking (the supply is dwindling, filled the tank in Port Ghalib), water is enough for a month maybe if used sparingly, 1kg rice, 0.5kg bulgur, 1.5kg spaghetti, 1kg noodles, 1kg müzli, 20 cans, 2 jams, 3kg flour, very little beans, lentils and corn grits. Never before had so little a food supply.

The last time I was shopping was in Ghalib, and not much. Eating 1-2 times per day, and not much. Have to ration!

6UTC - 8.101MHz - Silver Heel II and many more.

Before noon:

Graham came over to check out the radio (standing wave ratio) - the problem was at the cable splicing on the deck. The cable grounding has completely corroded.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, HA7PR, HA1TN, HA5MG/MM.

Wind: NW.

Esperanza captain Helmut repaired my other autopilot - had to resolder the control panel at 1-2 places. Have now two good autopilots.

Graham came over with a new antenna and coaxial cable (7m) - have to apply it somewhere, maybe at the bad wind generator.

Lunch: spaghetti.

3nm is the limit with the new antenna - 5.7nm was originally. Big yachts can communicate over more than 10nm.

BBC in the afternoon:

Yemen: 9 tourists were robbed a few days ago, their bodies were found today;

Oman: the Somalian terrorists overtook a large container ship;

Sudan: fighting again in the south, a civil war.

2009.06.15. (Day 996)

35degrees, 1000mbar, NW Bf.6-7, waiting today too for the start. Good weather later...

Breakfast: multivitamin, magnesium fizz tablet, coffee, crackers, onions, the last can of beef.

My back hurts.

09LT - 8.101MHz - Silver Heel II, Brianna, Serenity.

The hot wind is howling - over 30 knots today too! Waiting for the good wind!

Before noon:

Insulating with 3M 5200;

Reconnecting the repaired autopilot;

Mounting the new gift antenna and thoroughly insulating it;

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, HA7UN;

Listened to the account of the HAM Event (radio amateur) in Csepel (Hungary).

Windy days are expected in the next days.

Afternoon: BBC / VOA.

Late lunch: spaghetti with cheese and mushrooms.

2009.06.16. (Day 997)

998mbar, 34degrees, Bf.6-7NW, too windy today too! Will it ever be better??

Breakfast: magnesium fizz tablet, pie frying.

Before noon:

8.101MHz - familiar yachts were talking, 3 yachts are here presently (Strait of Gubal).

Shaved off my beard today!

Antenna fastening again.

VHF radio test.

1230UTC - 14.292 à .286MHz, HA5HS, YO2AAG, YU7CQ(5,8), Géza.

Windy - NW!

Swam over to the Esperanza in the afternoon for a little chat.

Evening: VOA, BBC, reading.

2009.06.17. (Day 998)

1000mbar, 35degrees, Bf.6-7 NW, wind again the whole day!

Deployed two anchors to prevent possible slippage.

Breakfast: multivit, magnesium fizz tablet, müzli.

Before noon:

9LT - 8.101MHz - talking with the yachtsmen.

The battery voltage = 12.5V - a little low, don’t understand why;

Turned off the main switch with all the loads, by the afternoon it was already 13.05V;

Cleaning up the compartment under the bed;

Graham brought over 20l water and a newspaper.

Lunch: müzli.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, HA7JZ(5,9), Zoli, HA8BR (5,9), HA3UX, Pista, Tamási (Hungary).

Windy days in the next days. Every yacht is here, all waiting, nobody starts.

Dinner: rice, canned fish.

2009.06.18. (Day 999)

If a fish wants to sing, a singer has to eat it.....

1000mbar, 35degrees, Bf.5-6 NW (later 7).

Breakfast: multivit, magnesium fizz tablet, dinner leftovers from yesterday.

Before noon:

8.101MHz - talking with yachtsmen;

Cleaning the storage compartments;

Refastened the VHF radio coaxial connector;

Kitchen cleaning;

Cleaning every week.

Lunch: leftovers from yesterday.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG.

Info: Abu Ali, an Egyptian ship comes here today to visit me - brings food. Mohamed Hamza organized this, thank you!

Afternoon: swam to the Esperanza for a chat; later reading and drinking tea (hardly have any sugar left - using it sparingly).

Evening: VOA and reading.

Dinner: soup, noodles.

2009.06.19. (Day 1000)

Med Sea Net: 08:30LT - 8.122MHz

998mbar, 35egrees, Bf.6NW.

Breakfast: multivitamin, magnesium fizz tablet, dinner leftovers from yesterday.

8,101MHz - talking with the yachtsmen.

Silver Heel II started out in the morning, but after 30 minutes came right back. Strong head wind and big waves.

Before noon: compartment cleaning, clothes arranging.

Lunch: pie.

Windy days to follow.

Swam over to the Esperanza - vodka drinking.

BBC and reading.

The wind slows down for an hour or two, then gets strong again!!

When can I leave from here???

2009.06.20. (Day 1001)

1000mbar, 35degrees, Bf.7-8 NNW (strong wind!).

Breakfast: multivit, magnesium fizz tablet, dinner leftovers from yesterday.

Before noon:

9LT - 8.101MHz - chat with yachtsmen.

Abu Ali arrived, called me on the VHF radio, but my  radio was turned off. During cleaning I spotted it next to the Esperanza. Started howling and hand waving:  CARINA, CARINA. They waved back. Brought food, left it on the Esperanza, then left. Thank you, Hamza family!!! Long time was I in such a good mood. Later swam over to the Esperanza. Got quite a lot of food. Graham came over also. So, I gave them cheese and bread. Will bake chicken in the evening!! Hip-hip-hurrah - FOOD!!

1230UTC 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, no noise. (Rudi related that I already spent 1001 nights on the CARINA :-)

Wind info: windy next days, about 30 knots from NW.

Afternoon: coffee on the Silver Heel, then got together on the Esperanza for a dinner. Wine, roasted chicken, etc. Was a pleasant evening.

2009.06.21. (Day 1002)

1000mbar, 35degrees, Bf.7-8NW.

Breakfast: cheese (Egyptian, similar to the Greek feta), Egyptian bread.


This kind of a cheese can be kept in salt water for days without refrigerating;

The well cooked hamburger meat can be stored without refrigerating (according to Oscar, a Turkish solo sailor).

Beef: thoroughly boiling in salt water, then placing it in a clean jar. Close it hermetically while it is still hot. When cools, creates a vacuum inside. This is the home made canning recipe.

9LT - 8.101MHz - chatting with the yachtsmen.

Three days and a ’weather window’ may comes!

Helmut said that he was waiting 6 weeks on New Zealand toward Fiji for a weather window, but it did not come, finally he set out without it.

Finished the book: Garrison Keillor: Lake Wobegon Summer 1956.

Sunday lunch: beef soup, boiled beef cartilage, little dough, roasted potatoes;

Dessert: chocolate cake (Valery made it yesterday), Pepsi!!

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, YO2AAG, HA5HS, HA5RK, HA8BR, HA3UX.

Info: windy day! When will it be better? Hope? No thinking, no counting the days!


Cleaned the ship bottom. Checked the anchor. Arrangement of the electrical box.. Packing. Fishing, but caught no fish.

Dinner: roasted beef, Egyptian bread.

Evening: BBC, reading.

2009.06.22. (Day 1003)
The rudder is made out of ash tree on the Esperanza, it is frequently used on ships.

1000mbar, 36degrees, Bf.7-8 NW.

Breakfast: Egyptian cheese, Egyptian bread, hamburger meat.

The Silver Heel II slipped 100 meters over night, most lightly the anchor did not hold.

9LT - 8.101MHz - talk with yachtsmen.

Before noon:

Polyester and fiberglass filling the screw-made holes.

Lunch: beef soup.

Afternoon: reading. Battery = 13.3V.       

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5HS, HA5CAR, YO2AAG, HA8VA(5,9)Tompa (Hungary), Lajos.

Toolbox rearrangement..

The collective dinner worked out well.

Strong wind at night.

2009.06.23. (Day 1004)

995mbar, 36degrees, Bf.7-8 NW (the winds are very hot here!), when can I get going?

A yacht last year completed this section in 29 days. Don’t want to overturn this record.

Breakfast: Egyptian Cheese, Egyptian bread, hamburger meat.

9LT - 8.101MHz - yacht talks.

Before noon:

Reading, BBC.

Hardly have any matches left (2-1/2 boxes) - lighting up the cooker only once a day .

The 40 knots wind slowed to 30 knots, could go out on the deck to work.

Checking the deck bindings and reworking them.

Silver Heel and Esperanza gave me 55l water and sailed back to Qesium Island. Abu Tig Marina is their goal for tomorrow.

Extending the anchor rope by 20 meters

Have 4 different keys on my keyring, but can not use any of them.

Lunch: beef soup.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, HA7RW, HA5AFB (5,6) Gyuri, HA5AL, HA7VY Józsi, Budakalász (Hungary), (5,3).

Reasons why not turning back:

Extra expenses (sailing permit USD70, Hurghada is expensive);

Have water, food, and a good place to start from.

Evening: reading, BBC / VOA.

Dinner: tea, Egyptian bread, hamburger.

2009.06.24. (Day 1005)

995mbar, 35degrees, Bf.7-8 NW (30-35kn in the bay).

Breakfast: Egyptian cheese, Egyptian bread, hamburger.

Before noon:

Did sew a cover for the outboard motor. Not beautiful, but functional.

9LT - 8.101MHz - talking with the yachtsmen.

Rear compartment cleaning, motor compartment cleaning, trash repacking, fuel checking.

It is very hot and the air is very dry.

Anchor checking, boat bottom cleaning.

Lunch: Egyptian cheese, Egyptian bread, hamburger.

Battery = 13.2V.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, YO2AAG, HA5HS, HA2NP.

The wind may weakens next week, but nowadays there is no hope for a good weather. Must wait.


HF antenna check in the dismounted condition;

Swimming, snorkeling.

Dinner: beef soup.

Evening: BBC / VOA and reading.

2009.06.25. (Day 1006)

Listened to a Hungarian station at 6150kHz at night and at dawn, but only for 1-2 hours.

995mbar, 36degrees, Bf.7-8NW, later weakens a bit.

9LT - 8.101MHz - talking with the yachtsmen.

Breakfast: tea, Egyptian cheese, Egyptian bread, hamburger.

Before noon: derusted my iron plate and applied rust preventing paint to it.

1230UTC - 14.292MHZ HA5CAR, YO2AAG, HA7JZ.

Swimming and anchor checking.

Retied the anchor bucket..

Dinner: rice, mango beans, hamburger.

Pie baking for tomorrow.

Strong wind in the evening. Everything is rattling, the wind roars.

Night: BBC / VOA and reading.

2009.06.26. (Day 1007)

Have three grappling hooks:

1. Short wood (40 cm) with a plastic hook at the end;

2. Bamboo, 2m long, plastic hook at the end - made it today;

3. Iron, medium hook for lifting large fish from the water, for example.

998mbar, 35degrees, Bf.7-8NW.

Breakfast: magnesium fizz tablet, dinner leftovers from yesterday

9LT - 8.101MHz - chat with the yachtsmen.

Before noon

Sewed a protecting cover for the fuel tank;

Iron grappling hook derusting - have to pay attention to it;

Anchor checking in the water, was a strong wind yesterday, it held good in the sand.

Lunch: rice with jam.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5HS, YO2AAG, HA5MG/MM (Hungary, on a ship on Lake Balaton at Tihany,) Bf.6-7, YU7CQ.

Repairs: insulating at different places.

Shining up the brass fittings - have a lot of time.

Cleaning the boat bottom.

Dinner: rice with jam.

2009.06.27. (Day 1008)

997mbar (should recalibrate some day!), 38degrees, Bf.8 NW.

Breakfast: roasted pie (from a day before yesterday), feta cheese, tea.

Before noon:

8.101MHz - Silver Heel II, Esperanza;

Did sew 2 protective covers for the two tanks in the cockpit (not very beautiful, but useful). Using sail- sewing needles because my normal needles broke. Have to clean these yearly because they get rusted despite of being stored in a tightly closing box. Then sewed a cover for the autopilot as well (sun and dust protection), had my torn polo shirt on it before (what others would call a rag). Got the canvas material from a kiwi yacht in Fiji. Thank you! Ran out of the material, no more sewing. Would have been good to sew something for the rescue raft too.


Making a drawing of the surrounding - graphite and paper - know this place well already, enjoying myself pleasantly :-)

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, very strong noise, barely could hear them.

Lemons: bought them in Port Ghalib more than a month ago and and are still good, true, their skin is dry, but did not get moldy (dry air). The oranges are likewise.

Lunch: roasted pie from yesterday, feta cheese.

Screwed on a long bamboo (from Fiji) one of my spare grapple hooks (plastic hook). Then applied two coats of lacquer to the bamboo - will put on more tomorrow.

Evening: BBC / VOA / reading.

2009.06.28. (Day 1009)

If you have no cooler, pour a little oil on the tomato sauce, close the glass jar, it will not go bad. After opening, however, it should be cooled.

Is probably Sunday and waiting now for 20 days on this anchoring spot!

998mbar, 35degrees, NW Bf.7-8 (could hardly sleep from the strong wind overnight).                            

0545UTC - 14.292MHz HA5HS, YO2AAG, can hardly hear them from the big noise.

0600UTC - 8.101MHz Brianna, Silver Heel II.

Breakfast: leftovers from yesterday, corn grits and canned beef prepared on CARINA.

Before noon:

Grappling hook lacquering;

Lacquering in the cockpit (yearly duty if not every place, but where wear is present 1-2 places);

Brass fixture buffing - if nothing else to do, can do this always :-)

Resting (BBC, reading).

Stimulus deprived environment is this, nothing happens, every day is the same, several things are happening inside me :-)

Lunch: tea - if I drink a lot of tea, won’t get hungry, will eat less.


1230UTC - 14.292MHz  à 14,325MHz the frequency is noisy here too. HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG.  Possible wind weakening between 06.30 - 07.01.

Was a small fire on shore but was quickly extinguished.

Reading, BBC.

Dinner: beef soup from the self-made canned beef.

The wind is intensifying at night.

2009.06.29. (Day 1010)

36-38degrees (but the mornings are cold), 998mbar, wind.

Breakfast: tea, leftovers from yesterday.

Before noon:

8.101MHz  - Silver Heel II, Esperanza.

Graham will try to leave tomorrow along the E shore (Sinai) going as far as he can.

Repair of the middle compartment, drilling, bolting, lacquering.

Watermaker cleaning.

Packing and beautifying CARINA, i.e. cleaning, buffing the brass fixtures.

Lunch: lentil porridge (soaked in the lentils yesterday, bought them 2 years ago on Galápagos and this is the last portion), and sardines.


1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG.

Hopefully tomorrow or a day after the wind will decrease (21kn on internet, here over 30 usually), am an optimist, maybe finally can leave tomorrow.

Mast adjustment, cleaned the boat bottom too.

18LT - 8.101MHz - chatting with the other yachts, diminishing wind is expected tomorrow / day after tomorrow. Graham is leaving tomorrow!

Evening: BBC / VOA and reading.

2009.06.30. (Day 1011)

997mbar, 37degrees, NW Bf.6 (stronger outside),.

Preparing to leave:

2 bottles water in the cockpit;

Fastfood’ items near the cabin door (energy tablets, etc.), maps, GPS;

Autopilot lubrication;

The #2 anchor to be located in front too;

Have to mount the storm sails.


East-side (wanted to sail on the West side but Graham and Cathy convinced me through the radio that the E-side is much better) and close to the shore (smaller waves).

Breakfast: tea, yesterday’s dinner leftovers.

The wind is strong! This is no ’weather window’. Waiting, maybe subsides.

9LT - 8101kHz - Silver Heel is motoring toward S. Qesium Merset, has over 25kn wind.

If  I wait more, will lose much time - should arrive in daylight at the next anchor point! But the wind is too strong. Therefore I will start tomorrow!

Started to scrub my gas cooker, will paint it later with rust preventer.

Lunch: tea, orange. The penultimate one. Bought it in Ghalib, more the a month old, but is still good. The skin dried out, the air is dry around here, for this reason it lasts long. Spaghetti.

1230UT - 14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, much noise.

Maybe tomorrow the wind will be better, but after that much worse!

Cockroaches, bugs everywhere, can not get rid of them, have no chemicals. Cleaning, trying to ketch them with hand :-)

The brooding of a sailor in a wind trap:

Standing in one place for more than 3 weeks and seems impossible to sail away to north from here. Would be easy toward south, of course. The weather is like this between July and September, then  from October the wind decreases. The easiest months (less strong headwinds): April-May, what I missed unfortunately. What is the way out? What should I do? How many more weeks must I wait here?


Lacquering in the cabin, rudder, door frame. Has to be lacquered yearly or half yearly.

Swam a lot - moving is important.

Leaving tomorrow.

Target: Sha’b Ali north side POS(33-50.5E, 27-55.5N), 14.8 nm is the distance, direction: 068.

This is the first reef line of the eastern shore, then Ras el-Sebil, maybe the wind will decrease by tomorrow afternoon.

Late afternoon today the wind diminished to below 10kn!!!

18LT - 8.101MHz - radioing with the yacht people. Silver Heel at  El Tor. Made it!

2009.07.01. (Day 1012)

32degrees, 1000mbar, Bf.5-6 NW (morning: Bf.7).

Breakfast: leftovers from yesterday.

0730LT - start, storm fock, main sail, 2 reff-rows, motor at medium revolution (quartering, to proceed better). In waterproof clothing, boots - everything is wet.

In the vicinity of the west shore, the first 4nm is like a food mixer machine, 2-3 knots speed, everything is wet, the water is inundating the boat, Carina is dancing rodeo on top of the waves. Then a 2nm wide commercial ship route starts (shipping channel). No big ship traffic, numerous half-packed container ships - the economic crisis manifests itself here too. The next 8nm is still wavy, but getting closer to the eastern shore where the waves are expected to be less and the wind is going to diminish by afternoon. Motoring near Sha’b Garra - a lot of reefs, must watch to avoid them.

Lunch: dates, energy tablet, grape sugar, noodles - soaked in water only.

Afternoon: weakening wind to 15 knots.

1230UTC 14.292MHz POS(28-08N, 33-39E), El-Tor city is my target with 6kn. HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, HA5TY (Kőszeg [Hungary], Gyuri, did not hear him, but he did hear me well),  HA5MG/MM (Gyuri, on Lake Balaton on a sailboat, 29degrees), HA5PTN (Jutka, Bp., Csepel, 5,3), HA7UN (Feri, 5,7), HA1ZV (Miklós, Nagykanizsa, 5,5), HA7JZ(Zoli, 5,8), HA1TI(János, Sopron [Hungary], 5,7), OE6RLF(Lajos, 5,9), HA5ALF(5,5), HA2TX(5,7).

Windy weather again from tomorrow on for a few days.

18LT - arrived in El-Tor! MADE IT!!!! How many weeks were necessary for this 19 nautical miles? Anchored next to Silver Heel II. Invited me for dinner and gave me fruits! Thank you!!! Found out that the Vantana did not start, was no ’weather window’ today - true, but the wind subsided some in the afternoon.

2009.07.02. (Day 1013)

995mbar, 35degrees, NW 30kn wind - strong wind, the yachts did not start out.

Breakfast: tea.

Before noon:

09LT -  8.101MHz and VHF 18A (my antenna is low but can hear Brianna and Vantana from a distance of 40-50nm.

Used up the last of the lacquer (oar, mahogany handles on deck, etc.).

Pie making.

Polishing the gas cooker, is getting rusted and will treat it with rust preventer later.

1230UTC -14.292MHz HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG.

The next days will be windy, must wait until diminishing.


Gas cooker painting.

Swam over to the Silver Heel where got a present: a freshly baked loaf of bread.

Valery, Graham’s girlfriend is making beautiful drawings (a painting artist), had an exhibit in Australia too.

2009.07.03. (Day 1014)

Book recommendation: Sailor Secrets.

998mbar, 35degrees, NW 30kn wind.

Breakfast: rice with jam.

Before noon:

09LT - 8,101MHz és VHF 18A (US system, nobody is using it, is always open). Esperanza, Vantana, Silver Heel II.

Gas cooker painting.

Watermaker cleaning - started to rust in spots.

Rubbing board cleaning - will paint it time allowing (bought paint for this in Suez).

Lunch: loaf baked on the Silver Heal (incredibly high quality) and cheese given to me by Abu Ali.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz S-5 noise, HA5CAR, YO2AAG (there is a storm at Rudi’s and could not get on the radio).

Maybe the wind will decrease from July 5th.


VHF radio feed cable cleaning - did not transmit properly - but now it is faultless again!

Evening: BBC and reading.

2009.07.04. (Day 1015)

1000mbar, 35degrees, NW over 25kn wind - waiting for weaker wind.

Breakfast: Silver Heel loaf with jam.

9LT - 8.101MHz - Silver Heel II, Esperanza (starting tomorrow).

Before noon: gas cooker painting, rubbing board polishing, nose-compartment check: found some water in it, talked with Graham on VHF and after a 2-minute talk, the 10-ampere fuse blew. Have a VHF radio/antenna problem again!

1230UTC - 14.292MHz POS(28-14,15N, 33-36,49E), HA5CAR, YO2AAG, HA5HS, GOUEN, weather from tomorrow on OK. Starting tomorrow, weaker wind for 2-3 days.

Afternoon: rubbing board polishing, boat washing, swimming, replaced the VHF radio fuse with a thin wire. Temporary solution, can not transmit just receive, naturally.

18LT 8.- 101MHz - talked with a few yacht people.

Dinner: bean porridge, canned sardines with ginger (had some left from Sri Lanka, dried).

Evening: BBC / reading.

When I have a lot of time, always pick up my French language book :-)

2009.07.05. (Day 1016)

1002mbar, 32degrees. As usual, the sun is bearing down strong the whole day. Applying the sunscreen, cap, poloshirt.

05:40LT - start.

The Silver Heel started out just a bit before me.

Breakfast: multivitamin, energy tablet, leftovers from yesterday.

NW wind at Bf.4 and high waves - not a comfortable sailing.

Lots of medusas around me - many small pink ones and a big white.

Lunch: instant noodles without warming, crackers, date, grape sugar.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz POS(28-33N, 33-13E) HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG did not come through today. Got on the radio only for a short time, was close to the Sha’b el Hasa reefs.

Motoring, sometimes the main sail is up, route: Ras-el Ghub, Ras Gihan, Sa’b el Hasa.

19LT: anchoring at Wadi Ferian, 3m sand, not a very protected place.

Dinner: corn grits, canned tuna fish.

Evening: BBC.

2009.07.06. (Day 1017)

National Hurricane Center:

1005mbar, 32degrees, Bf2 NW in the morning.

Starting at 05:30LT, not much before dawn - many reefs around here, for this reason the morning sunlight is important.

Breakfast: multivitamin, leftovers from yesterday.

Motoring, sometimes with the main sail to help. Mostly headwind.

Lunch: noodles, chocolate, orange, grape sugar.

Route: Ras Budran - Ras Abu Zenima - Ras Mal’ab - Ras Matarma.

1230UTC - 14.292MHz POS(29-14N, 32-52E) 14nm from the evening anchor point.

HA5CAR, HA5HS, YO2AAG, weak wind for tomorrow in this area also.

Light ship traffic.

Fuel check: have about 80l gasoline.

1800LT - 8.101MHz - Silver Heel II, Vantana.

18:40LT - anchor drop at Damaran Abu Mieish POS(29-26N, 32-45,6E).

Dinner: spaghetti.

Evening: listened to the BBC.

2009.07.07. (Day 1018)

Recommended music: Desert Rose.

Beginning to understand, because for about a half year have seen only deserts.

996mbar, 32degrees, Bf.3NW.

04:30LT - starting before dawn. Motoring the whole day, occasionally pull up the main sail but is not much better. Constantly keeping the 3.3 knot speed. When the current pushes me, am faster.

Maps: BS757, BA2133.

Approaching Suez, lots of big ships on anchor and even more pilot ships are circling around, fishing ships near the shore. Have to arrive till 14LT because the Suez Yacht Club entrance is located near the channel, have to make 1.5nm in the channel, then after 14LT till 17LT the convoy is coming from the south. In times like that it is not advisable to be around.

Before noon is eventless, a big twin mast sailboat is passing me motoring south, did not even notice me.

13:40LT - moored at the Suez Yacht Club. End to the Red Sea!

POS(29-56,85N, 32-34,37E).


Felix is making my arrangements for about half price (USD50 instead of 80) because my boat is small. The agent wants to buy CARINA :-)

1230UTC - 14.292MHz HA5HS, YO2AAG - noisy frequency, but still coming through.

Cleaning/refuse discarding/patching, interneting (free WiFi but the marina is USD16 per day).

Evening: champagne on the Silver Heel II, Vantana came too, celebrated together our arrival to the Suez Canal, and Graham’s birthday.

Later went over to a large 2-masted wooden yacht. French captain and Spanish diving master. Taking the ship to Turkey for refurbishing!

A little shopping in the evening, then internet the whole night (trying to answer to the letters / messages).

Suez Harbor (175nm, lot of traffic and many oil drilling towers).

Map: 5501

Mariner’s Routing Guide, Gulf of Suez.

Recommended other books:

Admirality Notices to Mariners;

The Mariner’s Handbook (NP100)

Admirality Sailing Directions (NP64: Red Sea and Gulf of AdenPilot);

Admirality List of Lights and Fog Signals;

(NP78: VolumeE, Med, Black and Red Sea);

Admirality Tide Tables (NP202: Vol.2 Atlantic&Indian ocean incl. Tide Stream Tables);

Internal Code Signal;

Admirality List of Radio Signals.


0,5-1,5nm, at some places stronger (Ras Abu el Darag).

Martime Radio Service:

Serapeum (SUZ) 515,5KHz, 4255KHz, 8450KHz, 12,670KHz (0648,1048,1448,1848 Navigational Warning) – VHF 16 transmitting in about 1-2 hours.

Weather F/cast: 1218UTC 435,5KHz - Quseir (SUK)

Navtex(518KHz) 0350, 0750, 1150, 1550, 1950, 2350,

Navarea IX Navigational Warnings:

0400,12000 radio warning;

0200,0600,1000,1400,1800,2200 urgent radio warnings.

Between 1978 and 85 18 ships sank and 20 got badly damaged. Many reefs.

Traffic line; narrow 0.5nm (of course, has a separation zone inbetween).

Suez Canal

87.5nm long, a few lakes, but has no locks!

23m deep, 130-200m wide, 2 buoy rows near the shore, at 10-15m red / green.

Was opened in1869.

Was closed for a year in 1956.

Was closed for 7 years from 1967.

Max. capacity: 100 ships / day and max. 200.000 tons.

The yacht people spend a night at Ismailia (Lake Tim Sah), if you can reach a speed of 8nm, you can make the whole trip in one day.

Maximum speed is 5 knots and sailing is forbidden.

2009.07.08. (Day 1019)

Before noon:.

Interneting, trying to reply to every e-mail. Waiting for the agent to extend my visa. But is not coming! Talking on the phone: it can not be extended - no problem. (Don’t believe it, but makes no difference!)

Polo shirt washing.


Shopping: bread, insulating tape, paint (primer for the aluminum rubbing board).

Dinner in the city, 7LE: sheep brain-liver......etc., hot greasy beef soup and Egyptian breads!

Night: interneting and DVD (old) watching in CARINA.

2009.07.09. (Day 1020)

Sometimes I look up the site statistics (statcount). Record for this year on March 24th, 2009: Page Loads: 5,246, Unique Visitors: 2,105, First Time Visitor: 1,872, Returning Visitors: 233. That was the time the published an article on me...

Before noon:

The dock master came and brought breakfast (free, of course), Egyptian bread with beans inside (a classic here) and is perfect for a breakfast.

Came the surveyor and registered the ship’s dimensions with a measuring tape.

Washed the polo shirts.

Shopping in the city (cockroach killer, Egyptian flag, bread).

Walk in the city.


Filling two 25l water tanks, fuel transfering and measuring.

Interneting in the marina (picture uploads). WiFi is free, but is slow!

Packed the heavier objects to the rear (black barrels, coffin bed) for the transit. Better to load the rear when motoring witrh CARINA.

Agent Felix came: everything is OK, transit tomorrow.

Expenses: transit fee: USD90, agent’s fee: USD50, port clearance: USD40, 3 nights at the marina: USD48 (expensive, but the WiFi, water and electricity are free.

Bought gasoline at night (24l, 42LE) and food for the transit.

Thereafter packing in the ship and cleaning. Will be a big day tomorrow! Will the motor hold out?

No yacht passed through here with an outboard motor. The small fishing boats are pulled through with a trailer car to the Mediterranean, but in my case that would be more expensive and  would not want to miss the transit.

2009.07.10. (Day 1021)

06:30 - the pilot comes: go. The counter-current in the canal is1.5 - 2 knots. The boat speed sometimes drops to 3 knots. (5 is the rule!).

09LT: we stopped at an acquaintance of the pilot. Toilet, then drank tea with them.

At 1030LT the northbound convoy overtook us.

At 1130LT we met the southbound convoy.

At 1230 we reached the lake where there is no current, so I can keep a 4kn-plus speed. Navigating not by the buoys, but just going straight ahead.

 The motor is quite hot, had to push it unfortunately. Afternoon: head wind weakening from Bf.4 to Bf.2. Sailing is forbidden, the pilot disallowed it.

There is no bimini on the boat (the canvas for shadow), so the heat is bad under the sun. The pilot can hardly take it. Virtually eating nothing, suffering from the heat.

My pilot is young (39 years old) and speaks some English, we started talking about Egypt, his family (his wife is his first cousin....). Basically a kind person. He quickly discovered that the VHF radio is faulty which made him very nervous. There was a large quantity of cola on the ship, the Arabs adore the cola! My pilot liked it as well. For me, it is too sweet, don’t like it. The available foods were Egyptian bakery products, halva, and other light food, but the pilot did not eat, was not hungry.

At the beginning of the trip, told him that he can pray in the front of the ship. So, he washed himself twice according to the rituals, and prayed. When a large ship passed us, he almost fell out of the ship due to the waves.

18:30LT - we landed in the Ismailia Yacht Club. The first day transit time was 12 hours for 80km (43nm). Met Silver Heel II and Vanata also in the marina. They will probably spend a week here, but I will leave tomorrow provided the authorities and the Navy allow me. Purchased 25l spare gasoline. Was easy, the port police was nice and was not fussy.

Striked up a conversation with the Ukranian captain of a neighboring, about 1500ton ship. Lives here for 4 years already. Later on we went to town, he knows it well. Knows where can one buy cheap vodka. 11.25LE :-)

Were drinking until 3 in CARINA and instructed me in self defense tactics. He learned a lot of interesting stuff in the Soviet Navy! Also discussed the ocean and ships. He is about 50, unbelievably strong guy.

The marina is USD16 per day, this is my main expense for today.

2009.07.11. (Day 1022)

An Egyptian/Arab process is for the healing of the upset stomach: swallowing a tea spoonful of black tea grass, or putting lemon in sugarless black coffee.

Mohamed wakes me up at 5:30 and at 5:31 the motor is already on and pulling in the ropes. Started rolling at 5:33. just barely woke up and we were moving already! The route is long and I am slow - that is the reason for the early start.

Using the autopilot 80% the time. Mostly weak headwind, the pilot did not allow sailing.
Only a narrow channel is here in this section, no widenings, no lakes. Mohamed of course asking me: do you have dollars/LE? I feel sometimes that here everything can be had for money. Everybody constantly asking for money! Don’t understand why I do not give them: don’t have much myself.

Mohamed is old and substantial. Moves with difficulty, can hardly fit through the cabin door. Tried the VHF radio but discovered shortly that it does not work - did not bother him. No problem.

In 10-15km intervals pointing upward and shouting to the radio officer at the check points, but mostly just sleeping in the cabin.

Other than this, the transit is eventless. Proceeding at an average speed of 5 knots, do not have countercurrents here. Fishermen everywhere. Can catch a lot of large fish in the channel with nets. The blinking method works well also. I am concentrating on the motor, forget fishing. Frequent checking, (is not getting hot today).

13:30LT - arriving at the yacht pier of Port Said. Mohamed is shouting, arguing, why gave only 50LE (USD9). Wants my cap too! Gave no more, not interested, have to concentrate on CARINA. He finally realizes that with screaming and the impolite behavior had no effect on me, he finally leaves - finally peace!

This marina is expensive - USD16 per day. The government operates it and is very simple. Has nothing, but a filthy toilet/washbasin and water/electricity on shore. Filling out the usual marina papers, then cleaning.

Arrived! Am over the channel! Success, the motor held out! Calling the Hamzas on the phone of the manager. The family (Magdi, Mohamed and their children) is living in Port Said. Magdi is from Kolozsvár (now Romania) and is the sister-in-law of my father’s good friend...

Went to an internet coffee house to inform them that „I am over” :-)

Only the tugboats of the authority are allowed to operate. If somebody has a motor problem, the tugboat costs an extra USD1500.

Later on met with Mohamed Hamza and his cousin. Invited me for a pizza and discussed Egypt and my travels. Met Magdi and her son in the evening. Was a bit tired. Long days are behind me. Pleasantly fell asleep while watching a film. Then walked back to CARINA.

2009.07.12. (Day 1023)

Mediterranean sailing net:

0530 UTC SSB 8122 kHz, if busy, 8131 kHz is the backup.

Before noon:

Water pickup for the ship (about 200l reserve);

Motor cleaning, checkup, spark plug replacement;

Clothes washing - manually;

Went with a fellow worker of the Felix agency (my agency) for extending my visa.

A 2-month visa is 165LE (USD30). Basically the visa costs USD15, but occasionally have to pay more. No logic :-)

Short interneting in a close-by Internet Coffee (1 hour 2LE, this is everywhere).


Exchanged my leftover Yemen rials to Egyptian LE. 4100 rial = 85LE (of course, is not correct, but can not expect anything better from the money changers).

Went for lunch to the Hamzas. Felt very good! Hungarian flavors :-)

Met with Bicskei Bertalan who is the Port Said soccer team trainer, and with his lovely wife. Stayed there till late night.

Video and picture upload. Late night walked back to CARINA where was writing the lengthily diary.

The pier of the marina is not very well protected, the waves spill over - almost fell out of the boat.

2009.07.13. (Day 1024)

Before noon:

Tea with Said.

Gasoline purchase (25l - 52LE, 10LE bribe to avoid problems).

Dismounted the emergency antenna and coaxial cable of the VHF radio, checked them out visually and measured them with my instrument - OK. Replace them - OK.

The radio is not perfect - have to bang it occasionally to make it work.


Shopping in the nearby Metro: food for 1-2 months (5kg rice, 5kg dough, 2kg sugar, 2kg flour, 2kg lemons, 2kg oranges, 4kg onions, canned food, biscuits, chocolates, refreshing drink powders..... USD45);

Short interneting;

Explored the city with Abdullah and friends, showed me the young people’s places. Interesting! Strand, swimming pool, 23rd street, 30th street, etc.

After this, went to Hamza’s again where was pampered with a fine dinner.

2009.07.14. (Day 1025)

Started out to Cairo before 9 in the morning together with the Hamza family. Turned toward Cairo after Ismail (W). Cairo is huge. City tour with car. Nile shore, downtown, then went to the Hungarian Embassy also. Inbetwen the official tasks, shortly related my enterprise to the vice consul. Then went to the Sphinx and to the pyramids as well!! Was very interesting. It is incredible what they built thousands of years before, and the reason is even more incredible.

Heat of course, it is summer!

Back to the Hamza’s, interneting til dawn.

2009.07.15. (Day 1026)

A 36-foot catamaran moored next to me yesterday and we had coffee together. The captain is French. Started out from France toward Madagascar with an old American businessman who is paying for the trip.

Writing the diary the whole day in front of the Yacht Club terraces.

Lunch with the French captain (Gill): melon, cheese, pistachio, date, Egyptian wine. Not bad.

Spent the evening with the Hamza family and with Abdullah.