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1. Jimmy Cornell: World Cruising Destinations
2. Jimmy Cornell: World Cruising Routes
3. Navigational Guide to the Adriatic Croatian Coast Bob McDavitt's Weekly Weathergram
4. Rod Heikell: Greek Waters Pilot
5. Rod Heikell: Italian Waters Pilot
6. Anne Hammick&Gavin McLaren: The Atlantic Crossing Guide
7. Anne Hammick: Atlantic Islands
8. Chris Doyle: The Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands
9. Chris Doyle: The Cruising Guide to the Windward Islands
10. Frank Virgintino: A cruising guide to Haiti
11. Frank Virgintino: A cruising guide to Jamaica
12. Panama Cruising Guide
13. Eric Baicy& Sherrell Watson: Pacific Coast of Colombia
14. She Wolf: Ecuador Cruiser Guide
15. South Pacific Coconut Milk Run
16. Underground Pacific Island Handbook
17. Fred Boehme: A Cruising Guide to French Polynesia
18. Charles E. Wood: Charlies' s Charts of Polynesia
19. Marcia Davock: Cruising Guide to Tahiti and the French Society Islands
20. Phil Cregeen: Migrant Cruising Notes, Micronesia
21. Phil Cregeen: A Yachtsman's Guide to Ha' apai, Tonga
22. The Moorings Guide: A Cruising Guide to the Kigdom of Tonga in the Vava'u Island Groupe
23. Phil Cregeen: Migrant Cruising Notes, Fiji
24. Stephen Davies, Elaine Morgan: Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia
25. Sue Angus&Steve Whitmore: Cruising Notes Thailand, Malaysia to the Mediterranean
26. Bob McDavitt: Metservice Yacht Pack
27. Ken Hellewell: Kenís Comprehensive Cruising Guide for the Kingdom of Tonga
28. Sheridan House Sailing Books:
29. Coastal Cruising Handbook (A guide to the north-east coast of New Zealand and anchorages from Three King Islands to Cape Kidnappers), Royal Akarana Yacht Club