Carina 19


Vessel’s name:   CARINA

(Has elongated keel, it helps keep better direction)

Rigging:          Sloop

Length:           6 meters (19 feet)

Draft:               1 m

Width:             2.2 m

Mast:               6.42 m

Boom:             2.83 m

Mass:              1.1 metric tons

Material:         GFK (sandwich method)

Mainsail, normal:       6.48   (~ 70 sq. ft)

Mainsail, storm:         1.62   (For 40kt winds 25% of normal mainsail)

Genoa            9.79   (~ 105 sq. ft)

Jib                   6.77 m²

Storm jib:        1.08 m²   (For 50kt winds 15% of normal jib)


My mainsail can be reefed on the boom by rolling, the jib also can be

            reefed, plus 2 complete halyard spares for the main, and

            one for the jib.

Max. number of persons:      5

Built in 1970 (Switzerland)

Engine:           Inboard 2 stroke gasoline (petrol) fuel, (1981).

Type:               Yamaha (677 8 B)

Output:            8.8 HP/5.9 kW

Fuel tank:       25 liters + 25 liter in spare tank.

Propeller:       fixed, 3 blades

Water tanks:  many smaller cans, (20l,15l,5l) all together 300 liters

Speed:           Max. theoretical 5.8 knots (computed from the boat’s length)

Jeroen, (Dutch sailor, also a happy Carina owner) measured 7 knot max

speed at the end of April in force 7 winds.


Parameters:   Sail area/displacement = SA/D = 14.92; cruising on open sea

Displacement/load line = D/L = 350 - 400, or very heavy tour sailer.

Sail area/wet surface = SA/WSA = 2

I did not detail her other parameters, like Column Plenitude Cp, Wet Surface WS etc…


There are several Carina types in circulation with great differences between them.

I.E:  their draft varies between 0.5m and 1m, their mass from 850 kg to 1.1 tons.


Carina’s History:


Built in 1970, Switzerland.

1970 – 86 Probably sailed on a Swiss lake.

The last Swiss owner: Gerber Ueli. Interestingly we were born on the same day, November 16. Gerber in 1952, me in 1979. (More accurately I was born between the 15th and 16th at midnight, so my mother decided: let it be the 15th…)

1986 - 92: Sailed on a Zurich lake in the following Club: http//

1992 – 96: Sailed on Boden Lake

1996 September: transported to Hungary

1999 September: bought by the first owner.

2004 November: I bought it. Rebuilt it outside and inside. The HF will register it around the end of August, then it shall have official papers again after 10 years…


A ship’s important characteristics (from my point of view):


Stability, tendency to capsize

Buoyancy, should be unsinkable (air chambers)

Keel’s size and position, list and recovery capability

Speed and mass, ability to escape from a storm

Leak-proofing, this is mainly important at tack change

Keeping on course by itself

Reefing solutions, quickly and easily

Sails, should be able to easily keep course in high winds also

Solutions against wave sloshing in the cockpit (it takes longer to bail water out from the stern, therefore the ship is increasingly vulnerable to incoming waves).


Important characteristics of small vessels (from my point of view):


Easy handling

Lesser ship-loading

Not enough room for gear

Slow, therefore voyages are longer and there are more storms

Difficult to notice by other vessels

Stability problems

Capsizing problems


Drawings of Carina:


It turned out during loading, that it will be hard to find anything distributed among so many compartments


In addition access to the more recessed compartments is like the Hanoi tower problem, with many more towers…


Therefore I drew up a sketch of the location of stuff: http//


And the deck stuff’s location can be found at: http//

Interesting curiosities about Carina:

Carina in Space:

Southern Cross (Crux) over Barbados when Aron arrived. Carina is on it also (lower right hand corner):



Laszlo Kapitany sent in:

Carina is already known in the Universe, demonstrated by the enclosed picture and text: (from the March 2007 issue of National Geographic):




(translated by Laszlo Kapitany)