Áron    Méder 

My name is Áron Méder. I was born on 15th November 1979 in Budapest. In 2004 I graduated as an electrical engineer at the Technical University in Budapest.


I adore sailing...

I have been sailing since 1990. I prefer tours and amateur competitions to professional ones, although I had also participated at the professional competitions for couple of years. My teams represented: VMSE, SZTAKI SE, MAFC, TVSK.
Since 1998 I have been working as an instructor at VMSE and in 2004 I passed the qualification tests and become a qualified sailing trainer. I have already trained quite few people and it is pleasure to see their efforts and successes in becoming sailors too. During the training it often comes to my mind a saying:
The student can leave the teacher, but the teacher can never leave the student.

Since 1994 I have been sailing on the sea visiting Croatia, Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Italy and France. Among the best ones, really amazing ones were Corse, Sardinia and Elba. I would recommend them to everyone! Within last 12 years I have sailed about 10 000 (tmf) on different seas. I own an international certificate of competence for pleasure craft and GOC.

Apart from sailing I am very interested in boat building and repairing. I have been refurbishing mine for almost a year. The story of my Carina’s refurbishment.

Beside the above, I am a diver, too since 1994. (CMAS**, 121 dives). My diving spots were:
Hungary (Kopaszi-gát, Őskű, Ócsa, Tata, Bugyi, Hévíz)
Croatia (Istria, Senj, Krk, Korcula, Lastovo, Zlarin, Losinj, Selce, Solta, Maslinovik, Brzac, Ist, Cres, Kornati, Vis)
Greek (Athén, Kréta Bali, Antiparos)
Italy (Capria),
Egypt(Sheab Tris, Shaab El-Erg, Malay, Big Sioul, Thistlegorn, Shaab Mohamoud, Sinai félsziget, Shaab Szabina, Umm Gamar, Shibna)

My dream is to sail far away...


In 2006 I start sailing with my Carina!


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Carina and me

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