My story


I believe in the power of love and peace,

Represented for me by the  sea and sailing.

This is my lifestyle: adventure, and a sport close to Nature…



It all started in 1990. I was 10 years old when I learned how to sail on Lake Balaton with my Father. He taught me the basics of sailing, and sailing in open sea. It was a long road that lead to exactly

9 o’clock in the morning of September 24, 2006 when I started my around the World voyage.


After 40 countries, 55 000 km (30 000 nm) and 3 years, I arrived at 14:00 hrs, on Sep. 29, 2009 in the very same harbor, Koper, Slovenia.


Why did I succeed? How is the impossible possible? I don’t know either…only trying to sense it somehow… Perhaps because I’ve believed my Grandpa’s saying: ”Everything is possible, you just have to want it”...


Following my circumnavigation, on 7 of September 2010. we started an other long trip, with a 43 feet sailboat called Lullaby (Oceanis 423 Clipper, Beneteau, 2004), we’ve sailed from the Adriatic (Ugljan Island, Sutomiscica) to Sydney (Australia). The trip lasted about 1.5 years, we arrived to Sydney 15 February, 2012, visiting 34 countries and taking more than 24 000 nautical miles (44 500 km).


Nearly fifty people (crew) joined that trip: the youngest was10, the oldest 70 years old. Some of them stayed on the boat for months, but the majority only 10-12 days sailed with us. For some of them this was their first sailing experience, but there were inland sailors, experienced offshore sailors, even Balaton sailing champions among the crew. Most of the former "beginners" are still sailing, some of them gain sailing license...


A few offshore sailors get their I. class qualification in the "Ocean" or “Hungarian” system through the miles acquired and confirmed in this trip.


The most important thing perhaps, that the crew could get a glimpse into the sea "cruising life ", they could try out the ocean sailing, or how to live on a small uninhabited Pacific island...


On 27-th February, 2012 I have bought Felicity, a Mini 650 ocean-racing sailing boat. Her length is 6.5 meters, only a half meter longer than Carina was... In 2012 I‘ve entered for four races (on the Atlantic, especially in France, England and sometimes Ireland), and sailed solo1 000 nautical miles non-stop, so I’ve got the qualification for the MiniTransat 2013.

In 2013 I did 4 races in Mini 650 class (Atlantic ocean), my best result 2nd in the UK Fasent 6.50 (5days non stop sailing, 600nm). In the Minitransat 2013 I dismasted and I had to sail with jury rigg 1 week to arrive Morocco, Safi. The next Minitransat will be in 2015 but I have no sponsor yet...

More details about my MiniTransat project: Ocean Race Sailing menu.


Now I’m preparing for the MiniTransat, Atlantic crossing race which begins autumn, 2013. More details about the competition: Ocean Race Sailing menu.


I was born November 15, 1979 in Budapest. Most of my family originates from Transylvania, a lesser part from Subcarpathia. Perhaps most importantly, I’m half sekler that’s why I’m so stubborn!


I graduated (Msc.) in Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I am fourth generation engineer; for me: there was no other way …

Majored in Microelectronics and Mobile Telecommunications.

My Thesis: Applications of Game Theory in Ad-hoc Networks

László Mérő: “The discovery of Game Theory […] resulted in re-evaluating the role of the accidental… recognizing that accidental could be the instrument of pure rationalizing…”


Game Theory is an interesting branch of science, I recommend it to everybody. There’s no accident or luck, but then what is there?


For 2½ years (2004-2006) before the beginning of my voyage, I was employed in Logistics at a Multi-national Corporation. The work was very interesting and I liked it, but the sailing boat was ready and equipped for the Round-the-World voyage, so quit my job to be able to live my dream for the next three years.


I have been sailing for 20 years with various sailboats and people on Lake Balaton and Lake Velencei in Hungary, and over the seas of Europe; My sailing clubs: Vízimentők SE. Balatonalmádi; SZTAKI.SE; TVSK; MAFC


I raced for a few years from 1998, in class Balaton 25 jolle with Peter Gaál in the sailing boat Lázadó (C22, Fonyód, Port Lacaj).

Later I became increasingly interested in sailing instruction, to demonstrate and teach people to sail as I see it. It’s more than just a sport or a technique.


From 1998 to 2003 I was a sailing instructor at VMSE (sailing club in Lake Balaton) and after a year of training obtained the Sailing Sport-Instructor (OKJ) qualification. I taught many people how to sail. One of my favorite sayings is the student can leave his Instructor, but the Instructor never his student.


I have sailed on the seas every year since 1994: Croatia, Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Italy and France.

I’d recommend Corsica, Sardinia and Elba to everybody! Sailed about 10,000 nm over the various seas during 12 years and, at the beginning of my voyage in 2006, had a First Class Hungarian yacht skipper,- GOC radio operator,- and radio amateur qualification.


I consider it very important to emphasize at every opportunity, that you must be thoroughly prepared for any sea or ocean voyage. You must have studied long and hard, and have plenty of experience!



Diving is one for example. Started in 1994 in BHG, Miklós Medek taught me the CMAS system. Afterwards I dived with him in the lakes and rivers of Hungary, (Kopasz Dam, diving under ice, Őskű, Ócsa, Tata, Bugyi, cave-diving in Héviz…) and diving in Croatia.

Also dived in Greece, Italy, even in Egypt. During my Round-the-World voyage I dived in the most beautiful places of the World, would be hard to list all of them…

I’m also interested in boat building and reparation. I repaired myself Carina between 2005-2006.

A good part of sailing is basic knowledge of boatbuilding.



2009 September: The Hungarian Sailing Association presented me with a Cup.

2009 November: Commendation by the mayor of Újbuda

2009 December:  Heti Válasz Magazine (Weekly Answer) selected my voyage “Among the 30 most outstanding accomplishments of the year in Hungary

In 2010 the "Figyelő" (Observer) magazine's TOP LIST "Emberek, Arcok" (Peoples, Faces) I was selected among "The 10 Best Extrem Sportsmen", furthermore, to the first position.



Peace and Fair Winds!