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The fishermen all over World usually were very kind, helpful and they appreciate my venture.
They let me to stay in their dock, gave me fresh fish, sometimes clothes, but first of all kind words and good advices.
They live so close to the sea as nobody else. I admire their job, courage, knowledge and wisdom. Fair winds for you all...

December 2006. - April 2007. Europe
Simrad Customer Support
After Aron's TP-10 tillerpilot failed, he has bought a new one in Bridgetown (Barbados) and he sent home the wrong one. A very kind fellow worker of the Customer Support (let's name him Rob :-) helped in the guarantee procedure. The TP-10 was replaced with a renewed one. That was sent back to Panama city, as a back-up tillerpilot. Somehow the new pilot went wrong when Aron was heading to Galapagos, so the back-up pilot was very useful.
Simrad, 'Rob', thank for that.
Meantime the replaced TP-10 also went wrong. We would need Simrad's help again...

19 of February, 2007. St. Lucia, Caribbean
Thanks for Rodney Bay Marina's Boatyard (Martin Lucas and Kenneth Mathurin) for therir kindly words and significant help.
"Rodney Bay Marina Boatyard will be happy to haul and launch your vessel for no charge. We always try to assist the intrepid sailor whenever possible. Perhaps we can arrange some media coverage for you while here in St. Lucia."

September, 2007. Taina Marina, Tahiti
Philip, the manager of Marina Taina, let me to stay for free in the marina and on its buoys nearby for a couple of days.
Thanks for his kind gesture and for the financial help too.

21 of July 2008. Port Vila Marina, Vanuatu
The marina manager called to say the marina fees were cancelled, so I saved 7,000 vatus. It was great help!
Thanks Yachting World, Vanuatu

13 of November, 2008. Singapore, Raffles Marina
"We are happy to grant Aron complimentary berthing for 3 nights.
Another happy note for you, we will also bear the immigration in and out service charges."
(quotation from Prakash Reddy's /Sea Sports Executive/ e-mail)
On 16 Dec 2008 at 14:27, Ong Shean Boon (RML) wrote:
"Aron have left Raffles Marina and continues his voyage.
He left Raffles Marina 3 Am this morning.
I believe Raffles Marina have his stay a memorable one through out his whole Voyage.
We wish him safe and pleasant sailing."
Thanks for all, for you All.
Aron's stay (in fact 10 free days) will be memorable not only for him,
but for all people over the world, who are following his adventure.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Yacht Haven Marina , Phuket
On 26 December, 2009 Zara & Nick wrote:
"We would be very happy to accommodate your son and his yacht Carina, at no charge.
I am sure the cruising community here would also be very happy to welcome him & I can get local TV coverage, if this would be of benefit."
Aron arrived to Yacht Haven Marina on 3 January, 2009.
The Marina's staff were very kind with him. He met there also many friendly and helpful yachtsmen.
Zenniesha Opakul, Phuket NBT TV reporter made a TV report with Aron.
Aron spent in the marina an unforgettable week (especially the Dock Party on Wednesday night :-)
Thanks Zara, Nick and all the others.

Kalamata Marina , Greece
Ms. Medea Kastanou, the leader of marina reception, answered to my mail,
that they would be pleased to see Aron in Kalamata.
Aron has really spent in marina a week at no charge.
Medea and all the staff were very kind and helpful with him.
She also contacted the local press and TV, and Aron was interviewed by them.
The yachtsmen in the marina were also kind and helpful,
they helped him in taking out the mast and in putting it back after the mast-job was done.
The marina, Kalamata city itself and the neighborhood is really beautiful.
So Aron enjoyed very much the time he spent there,
that will be an other memorable experience he felt during his 3-years trip.
Many thanks Medea, the staff and the yachtsmen he met. Efaristo.
(Istvan Meder, Aron's father)

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